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Have asked multiple times to stop being called. they never stopped. complained with parent company they bought our number from, Complained with better business bureau, complained with the FCC, and national DNC registry. beyond harassment at this point. this is a never ending cycle of being called repeatedly. 15-20 times a day, and it never ends. No matter how many times you ask them to stop, who... Read more

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These people call and try to sell you an security system. During the call , they give you the oppurtunity to have your # placed on their "no call " list , which I've done many times. They keep calling back. They use several #'s and names I am on the federal and local NO CALL list. it's a waste of time to register a complaint on the so called "no call " web site. Its just like the rest... Read more

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this number appears on my cell phone tow or three times a week. when I try to call it back I get a recorded message that the number is non-existant...not an operating number. when I wait for their robo call message to end and wait for a warm body body, as soon as I tell them to cease, they hang up. Apparently there is nothing AT&T can do about it unless I spend another $5 a month on my bill... Read more

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Despite being on a federal no-call list, I have received repeated calls from this company. At first, I just hung up but I was so fed up with the constant calling that I "pressed one" to speak to a salesman. When I spoke to a "salesman" purporting to sell google ads he asked my name and just as he launched into his spiel, I told him that I was not a business but a senior citizen and asked him to... Read more

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2-11-13 Today's call was about free security system: 2:43 pm "out of area" 425-658-8850 responded at the time of the call to be on DNC list. Called back and got message: Disconnected number of Pacific telecommunications group Here are notes of previous calls I have logged in my DNC file *** 12-14-12 10:42a Home Security 253-245-2701 Have previously requested off of this list this prompt... Read more

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Received a call from this company about lowering my interest rate. When I talked to the female employee and realized they service all credit card companies. I told her that I was not interested and that i did not have any info with me. She said that it was ok, they would keep calling and calling and calling with a very sarcastic attitude. I am trying to find a way to get me off their call list. I... Read more

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Too many unwanted calls regarding home security system. We have a complete system and need no further assistance from your organization. I have asked to be removed from your call list. Our next report goes to FCC..the number registered on my Caller ID is "259-382-9923"......PLEASE CEASE IMMEDIATELY!!!! I don't need one hundred words to get this very simple and very clear message. But based... Read more

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Twice daily for weeks get phone calls and have followed instructions to have number removed. Bastards just do not stop!!!!!!!!!! Then when I use their "call back number" it is, of course, a number no longer in service. I am on a NATIONAL DO NOT CALL LIST, yet they persist with annoying and unwanted calls. How did they get my number to begin with and why doesn't the numerous complaints... Read more

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Since the Federal Govt now knows that Pacific Telecommunications Group is sponsoring numerous illegal calls violating the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY list, why doesn't our Govt take action. This company is scamming military familes in particular about "free" GE security systems and bothering everybody else by trying to steal identities in claiming to lower credit card interest rates. These are... Read more

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Seven times in the last two weeks I received calls from this company (?) after pressing "2" to delete my number from their call list. And I'm on a "do not call" federal government list. Might just as well have been *** in the wind with these people. Can anyone stop these freaks of nature?? You can try to be interested in the service in order to get as much information as possible, but... Read more

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