This company has repeatedly called me and after at least 20 requests to have my number removed they either hang up on me or say they have removed it.I have been hung up on so many times after politely (and I mean politely asking to speak to a supervisor or requesting help with having my number removed).

HELP This is so annoying. This is my business phone and this is a waste of my time!!! They have been calling for months. Please make it stop!!!

What happened to the do not call list. I am on it.

Isn't this against the law.This is harassment!!

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This has been going on at my home for months and months.....when i tell them to remove me they hang up and of course when i call back the # is not in service...AND we PAY a HIGH PRICE for phone service and its NOT RIGHT...got these calls with Cable Brighthouse and Verizon I think they should be account able and help US...

to sunny #594730

Just received 2 calls from them yesterday.One at my work and one on my cell phone.

No messages were left and when I called back, I got the same, the number is not in service.My calls were received on Comcast and Sprint, not sure how to get rid of them...

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